Mar 5, 2009

Love Thursday

The husband and I are quite good at sharing our space. Except when preparing meals. This is probably because the kitchen is hexed.
Whilst cooking, I generally find that whenever I need to use a particular cooking utensil, the husband needs exactly the same item, too. When I need to be somewhere, the husband also needs to be just there just then. This is especially so in the most important moments of the cooking process. We've been experimenting with different approaches to solve the problem for roughly the last decade. I think the best outcome so far is that we still very much enjoy eating the meals that we've cooked together. Today's LT picture is a quick snap of last Thursday's orange hearts for the fennel salad:

Happy Love Thursday!


vchelle said...

Nice, nice photo. I can see myself devouring those orange-shaped hearts. Maybe you and your husband in the kitchen is not a problem but an opportunity to compromise and keep it going throughout your beautiful lives.. (smile) Beautiful photo.