Mar 11, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Back to now

In the cloud forest I looked at droplets moving from the gaseous phase of their life back to a watery one. These days I'm working on where these droplets go for the next stage of the water cycle and what happens to them there. The River Kennet, which is one of the rivers I work on, is a chalk stream which would under non-polluted conditions be totally clear. The stretch on which the photo is taken, however, isn't - and nobody quite knows why (that's why it is being researched). Still, there are some plants growing and the water is clear enough to be able to see the bottom:

Matters could be far worse, as for example in the Riachuelo, a tributary of the River Plate. Apparently it is the third most polluted river in the world - but it doesn't really need any official credentials. One can smell it from some 300m away and it looks pretty toxic - it must be a hotbed of fantastically interesting microbes:

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Carletta said...

Sounds like fascinating work. I guess the green plant does give you some hope. Nice shot!

My Watery Wed. is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures</a

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Very nice clear shot! Yes, the water is clear enough to see what is inside.. beautiful..

kden said...

Your life definitely sounds interesting. I like the bright green in your water shot. I love your night shots below, I bet it's much more beautiful in person. Lucky You!

Missy said...

Very intersting! Thanks for sharing the story behind it!

Tarolino said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog.

This is a lovely image of the green leaf partly covered by water. It is so sad how our water resorces get so polluted. Such destruction of natures glory.

I just love your header picture with the Bluebell wood. I do remember these sights in the spring from when I lived in England. Amazingly beautiful.


A little bit sad, your story about this river! And it looks toxic, some very green and purple stuff in there! But, something must be right, since plants can grow - and you present a lovely shot of it!

I agree with Tarolino: your header picture is wonderful!

Caprice- said...

Nice shot of leaves trying to survive in this polluted river. The limbs under the water are ghostly. Thanks for sharing.