Sep 22, 2009

shortly before sunset

Late afternoon water reflections on the lake in Blenheim Park:

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Sep 20, 2009


So, my internet works again, just in time for Today's Flowers :)

Happy Sunday to you all!

Sep 15, 2009

bottom of the sea

Our internet has packed in and might not be repaired until Friday :(
Very irritating. So here's a rushed post from the work computer:

For more water visit Watery Wednesday hosted by 2SweetnSaxy. I'm looking forward to your photos when all is back to normal here.

Sep 10, 2009

high-powered bird?

Slowly catching up on life...but I didn't have time to take proper photos for more than a week! So here's an old one -
Some weekends ago I spotted this nest on a pylon which I passed under. I find it quite annoying to stand underneath all that buzzing electricity - I somewhat admired the bird and wondered if the chicks have all turned out to be hyperactive.

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Sep 8, 2009


The channel is hardly a pristine bit of water, but I love it - once a month the ferry takes me over to the continent where I can dance till I drop and hang out with all my tango-friends:

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Sep 7, 2009

Happy Monday!

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Sep 5, 2009


literally - this one was quite juicy:

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Sep 3, 2009

boring sky

Not only do I have to work non-stop, I can't even steal 5 minutes for some good skywatching - the Oxfordshire skies have either been grey and rainy or like the one below:

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If you're wondering why I haven't visited any of your blogs - I think I won't manage until next week :(

Sep 1, 2009

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Swan

My fieldwork season is coming to its stressful end - a new Watery Wednesday coming up, and I haven't even managed to visit last weeks entries...
I'm spending many hours in the river each day, and then some in the lab. Tomorrow I will finish the experiment in a long mad day of sampling, freezing and starting some analysis. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to a last encounter with Mr and Mrs Swan and their eight rather grown-up cygnets. I've met them every day on their way to their preening grounds - annoyingly just upstream of my experiment. I hate peeling their feathers away from my flumes each day. Needless to say that they hate me, too. You can probably tell from Mrs Swans suspicious ogle in my direction:

Just after taking this snap of them I felt very much like hastening towards the bank...I'm not really up to facing 10 hissing swans towering over me whilst I'm submerged up to my middle in the river.

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