Sep 30, 2010

this morning

I always see these lovely photos of tidy strings of dew drops on spiders webs neatly arranged in circular fashion. The spiders here don't go for tidy...their webs produce this:

Sep 25, 2010

Wild West

Long time, no black & whites - but this morning I was sorting photos that I took earlier this year. And so I came across the place again where 'Worth Bagley bit the dust'.

The guy who shot him erected this stone, and when I stumbled across it in Joshua Tree National Park I thought it was a joke...but it wasn't. Happy Monochrome Weekend!

Sep 24, 2010

two chaps - heavy sky

Hmm, not looking forward to winter.

Sep 22, 2010


Happy Autumn to you all!
When I stood in the river last week, with rainwater literally streaming into my waders from above (yes, I had to get out of the water, out of the waders, take off my soaked trousers, hang them into a tree and get into my second pair of (dry) waders just in my knickers, brrrr) I thought it would be cold and grim from now on. This week - now that the fieldwork is over and I have to stand in the lab - the sun has come out for two days of Indian Summer. And all of a sudden the rocket has decided to blossom, after 1.5 years of hesitation. The hover flies love it: