Apr 9, 2009

Love Thursday - Dancing

I've been dancing Argentine Tango for roughly a decade now, and when I go out dancing the camera normally has to stay at home. That's because I want to spend time with friends rather than experience through the lens, because I don't want to intrude on people and because there are plenty others who are chasing what I find hard to express both in image and word. Some weeks ago, however, I got a new lens on my way to tango and I was too excited not to try it out - so here goes.
Most people who don't dance Argentine tango first think of a comedy moment in which someone has a rose in their mouth. The second thought is that it is a raunchy, furiously passionate, sexual dance of hot, latin folks. For most dancers it is an entirely different matter. To make this improvised dance work you have to be willing to tune in to your partner to a degree we are normally reserving for a loved one. To meet the person without preconception, without hiding, with attention, respect, with tenderness and forgiveness. If it works and both dance partners do just that the dance is bliss and love (and quite beyond any sexual feelings), even if you've just met and have never exchanged a word. It has taught me a lot about being with others in a peaceful and happy way, but it has also turned me into a dreadful person who is far too quick on meting out big bear hugs.
Happy Love Thursday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the big bear hug comment....not a thing in this world wrong with a big hug.

As to the dance...I wish I could dance the Tango or any dance for that matter, My lefts and rights are always mixed up and my dance partners always have to ask me to stop trying to lead.

What lens did you get and do you like it?

Katie in MA said...

I love how, if you look closely, you can see a heart in the shape of their heads, curving down and around, meeting in a point at their crossed arms. A heart of love and togetherness, rather than passion...

SE'LAH... said...

Well now. They look like they are lost in love.

Happy Love Thursday!

Denise said...

I always welcome a bear hug. The Tango to me is so very romantic. Your photo tells a story, a wonderful one.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Such a powerful embrace there!

Happy Love Thursday to you!!