Apr 2, 2009

Back to the UK

I was a bit sad to get back on the plane. And later on a bit tired too. The sunrise as seen from the plane was also quite mellow:

Visit Skywatch Friday if you want more clouds.


Louise said...

Mellow and dreamy. Perfect if you were sleepy.

Tarolino said...

Simple, beautiful, breathtaking. What can I say. The different fields of wonderful colour and a new moon. Enchanting.

J Bar said...

Beautiful shot.

Sydney City and Suburbs

Pacey said...

But it makes for a wonderful photo of the sky. Simple is beautiful.

Babooshka said...

We obviously took our skywatces the same day, but you have such bewitching subtle tones.

Arija said...

A beautiful pastel sky. A truly beautiful shot.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Wow I can see the moon.
Beautiful shot.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Mary Elizabeth.
From Now and Then.

Oz Girl said...

Quite beautiful and breathtaking.

I know how you feel... it is both bittersweet yet nice to come back home after a holiday. I love the HOME part, just not the JOB part. :)

I have a brother and a sister who both live in California, and I love to visit. I wish I could afford to live there, but alas, it is too expensive!