Feb 1, 2011

New playground

It's nice to play with other photographers, and to be challenged by assignments, but I gave up submitting links to any of the many memes that are around. I couldn't keep up replying to comments or visiting other people's sites, great and inspiring as they often were.
I've discovered ShutterSalt, though, which displays photos submitted to the weekly assignment by pulling them from the flickr RSS feed. You can then see all the submitted photos on the ShutterSalt frontpage. The site comes complete with a thoughtful blog and weekly interviews with photographers. Below is my take on last week's theme 'Opposition', featuring two of my neighbours, figuring out who has the ultimate say in what the doormat is for:



Lucy Corrander said...

I've taken a look at Shuttersalt and will keep it in mind. There are some excellent photos there. I enjoy your mat sequence too.


Fotokarusellen said...

Happy to see that a little bit of snow.