Feb 8, 2011

more motorway lightpainting

It seems the only way that I get to have time for photography these days is by being on the motorway (in the passenger seat...).
So here's more incidental light painting:

It would be nice to have more control - our car is quite jumpy, so the lines are never as smooth as I would like them to be.

If you're interested in some historical footage, Pablo Picasso has tried his hand at torch drawing. And then there are some rather more modern and stunning photographs at Twin Cities Brightest.


Phoenix C. said...

Looks very exuberant! Glad to hear you're in the passenger seat while photographing ! :)

I've hardly time for blogging at present, but love my work so not complaining!

Abbie said...

I was so glad to discover it was painting and not paining! Beautiful. It's nice that something beautiful can come from a long motorway journey.

Lucy Corrander said...

Who needs fireworks?


Sy's Prints said...

awesome shot

Fotokarusellen said...

Spectakulare! ( Sorry for my writing)
This is just great.