Oct 31, 2009


There is nothing more depressing than the sight of a 1 ton bag full of building material in front of ones house. On this photo you can see the husband some years ago opening a bag full of clay destined to clad our walls:

Nevertheless, they're practical and I always marvel at the hideous indestructible material out of which they are made. We did throw them all away, though, as soon as we had finished the renovation.

For more bags head over to the at TNchick's.
Or if you have some time to spare and love the Andes or the rainforest please visit my picture book about my fieldwork in the Peruvian cloud forest:
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Ann said...

After the renovation is done, you will be very happy.

He was very smart to wear a mask.

Came via Bags photohunt.

CY said...

Wow, must be one heck of a renovation! But great shot on that one. Have a great weekend. CY

jams o donnell said...

On the brght side it will soon be out of the bag and on the walls! Happy weekend

Susanne said...

Those are huge!

Lisa said...

Great shot -- the dust rising into the wind . . . (like your money?)

Renovations are always expensive in time and money.

Alice Audrey said...

Better bags full of supplies than bags full of stuff the cleaners have to take out, like happened when my mother's ceiling caved in.

chubskulit said...

Now that is a gigantic bag. I know how you feel, I felt the same when we were renovating our basement a couple of years ago..

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