Oct 25, 2009

autumn flower at night

So, that's when I get to take photos these days....at night:

It's one of the last flowers in the garden.

Look at flowers from all corners of the world at Today's Flowers, hosted by Luiz, Denise, Laerte and Valkyrien.


Grace Olsson said...

great macro shot.
congrats and I am looking your blog...and love it your shot

and, tell me..the flowers on the garden, (header shot) are lavenders?

havea nice day



Nice to see you are blogging again! :) I have been wondering, but then we all need a pause now and then! Life goes on outside the bloggers world!

Love your shot, and the light shining through the petals. The dark looks like most of the day in Oslo. It was dark at 4 this evening...

Lucy Corrander said...

It gives the impression that it is of wood.

Lovely colours.


Light and Voices said...

I like your surreal shot posted for Today's Flowers.
Joyce M

Carletta's Captures said...

A very artsy shot of the light tipped petals!
I like it a lot.

Judy said...

I love the light coming through the petals like that!! You can tell it is a dahlia, but not much more!! I like Light and Voices's comment about it being surreal!

moorebloglife said...

I haven't seen anything this cool in a long time, the lighting is awesome! It may be one of the last flowers but you've immortalized it!

kaye said...

It is a very nice shot. I can't imagine catching such "light" in the dark.

ellen said...

lovely flowers. i love it. mine is up. hope to hear from you soon.
see yah!

Jientje said...

I love the halo of light around it.

Phoenix C. said...

How lovely - it has a warm, uplifting effect in that kind of wistful autumn way!