May 7, 2009

More on Road Signs

One thing that has surprised me in the US is the specificity of some of the road signs. The one below for example gave me much food for thought :)

More street scenes can be found at This way Thurs-way .


ROSIDAH said...

It's very interesting to see some unique signs all over the world. I never have seen a sign like this either. It made me think about food, too ;). Have a great day, Bim

Pacey said...

It's like the sign in Cebu City, no taxicabs here after 6pm, but this one is kinda unique. Volleyball? heheheh...this is why I love signs.

Arlene said...

I wonder why not allowed?

Nice shot of a very big lawn

Ebie said...

Ah, I know why that sign is posted. The cars will leave by then, so the ball won't hit them. Hehe, just guessing.