Feb 27, 2009

More Springwatch

Today, the sun is shining (hooray) and for the first time it feels like it's providing some warmth. I've moved the solar battery charger out into the light - it has been useless since october. Whilst doing so I've discovered that the crocuses are definitely out. I've also heard some great honking in the sky, which, I think, means that the geese are returning.
I like crocuses in theory, but practically they seem like flimsy, ephemeral guys to me, and I've tried in vain to do some good portraits:

I think an added problem is that they appear just when the geese come back, so they often serve as salad - since nothing else is growing yet, really. More often than not I stumble therefore over terribly mutilated crocus bodies, and just end up feeling awfully sorry for them: