Feb 23, 2009

Give Way on Dartmoor

I went to Dartmoor this weekend, where I met a friend from Holland. Admiring the beauty of Devon over breakfast he concluded that there cannot be any industry whatsoever in this part of the country. This reminded me of a fieldtrip to Dartmoor I did a few years ago. The days were cold and blustery, and we were taken to landfill sites, disused arsenic mines and kaolinite pits. The trip did alter my image of Devon. Not all of it is green and hilly, and they do have some mystifying road signs:

I'm not sure what one is meant to give way to exactly here - but conceivably there are a few possibilities, maybe including the mythical kaolinite beast of Dartmoor.

If you would like to see more weird signs, visit This Way - Thurs-way, hosted by Jan.

Or if you prefer your Devon to be more conventionally beautiful have a look at these fabulous images of a gifted young photographer.


Vicky said...

I am puzzled too.

Ebie said...

I might think that the rocks might be loose or soft, that it might give way and cave in.

ROSIDAH said...

I think Ebie got a point their, but one should always be prepared for the beast of Dartmoor ;). This is a beautiful shot! Have a great day, Bim.

Zriz said...

That is icy! Hmmm...i like the thought of a "Dartmoor beast"....hahaha and I wouldn't mind catching one....in a photograph, of course... :)

This Way, Thurs-Way said...

This is weird yeah, and I'm not sure what it means too. Thanks for joining. Sorry for being late in visiting.