Apr 20, 2011

chive portraits

Well, the appearance of the first chive blossom is an excuse to test ones macro lenses, innit.
7d & Canon 100mm, f2.8 brings me very close, 5d II & same lens: I like the quality and lastly 7d & Sigma 20mm (yes, this is a wide angle macro). That lens needs very little distance, I was about 1 inch away from the flower. And yes, it's ortonized (I can't help it at the moment).


Lucy Corrander said...

Chive flowers! We just have tough green sticks of 'leaves' here still.


Fotokarusellen said...

This is really some great macro shot.
The first one is my favorite.
No more comets to accept today. Happy to find you, but as new in this blog world - can not figure out how to follow.
If you do not mind, I need a hint.