Dec 18, 2010

Snowed in again

I thought it would pass us by, but just as we're about to travel the snow has come for a visit.
When I woke up at 8am all was fine, so I turned around for another hour or so of sleep and when I woke up again there were a couple of inches of snow. We just about managed to drive the car out of the village (which has a steep hill on each approach) so as not to get completely stuck, like in January. We had a great cartoon-moment near the top of the hill, though, when the tyres weren't gripping at all any more, the car had almost come to a standstill whilst revving loudly, and we thought we'd be sliding backwards into the abyss any second. Magically we made it up to the crest nevertheless.
The birds were looking quite cheesed off all day and the food I put out for them kept disappearing under the snowflakes

but young Toby, our neighbour, has a smart winter coat (matching his owners) and was as keen as ever:


Dimple said...

The snow is deep on the limbs of the tree, no wonder the birds are upset!
My dog, although not so good looking as Toby, loves to go out in the snow to play or walk, for a little while. Glad you escaped being stuck!