Nov 5, 2009


Happy Skywatch Friday! And happy skywatch to all bonfire afficionados who celebrate the 5th November tonight (in the rain - at least here).

And (disclaimer: skip if you've read this before) if you have some time to spare and love the Andes or the rainforest please visit my picture book about my fieldwork in the Peruvian cloud forest:
I've entered the blurb competition, and if you feel generous please vote for me.


Eaglesbrother said...

Very good shot...beautiful colors.

J Bar said...

Just tops.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Dimple said...

I like this; I think you were at a high altitude when you took it!

Grace Olsson said...

very nice shot, dearest.
I was travelling and I am visiting the friends, now.

Hvae anice weekend

Carletta said...

Love the layers and colors!

Paula said...

So beautiful!

Ellie said...

I see you are up in the sky again! Beautiful!

Dimple said...

Hi Bim, If you want to see what I was standing in when I did that convex reflection, come on over!
Have a great day!